Get the most from your TV
Connect to the Internet to get more from your BRAVIA

Make the most of your BRAVIA experience by connecting to the Internet.

Watch your online favourites with BRAVIA and Google TV™

Equipped with Google TV ™, watch your favourite movies, videos, games and TV on BRAVIA from across your apps and online subscriptions.

Get recommendations based on your watching history, and enjoy your favourite entertainment every time.

BRAVIA’s viewing evolution continues when you connect to the Internet

TV technology is constantly evolving and BRAVIA continues to develop to give you the best viewing experience possible.

One of the attractions of Google TV ™ are the regular updates. Each update adds new features even after your purchase. In addition, BRAVIA software is improved with these updates, further enhancing your experience each time.

Connect Bravia to the Internet and start enjoying Google TV today.

Preparing to use bravia

Not connected to the network or do not have a Google account? Read on for further information:

Connect to the Internet
Connect to the Internet

To use the various features of Google TV ™, first connect BRAVIA to the Internet.

If you connect wirelessly, you can install it without worrying about the length and wiring of the LAN cable. See the following page for details on how to connect and configure.

Register a Google Account

Register a Google account with BRAVIA to download the content. If you are using BRAVIA with your family members, we recommend that you register for a common Google account.

 You can also register your Google account with BRAVIA on your computer or smartphone.

If you do not have an account please access the Google website to create one.

How to register a Google Account in Bravia

How to register a Google Account in Bravia. Step 1
Step 1

Select Settings > Accounts > Login

Step 2

Follow the instructions and enter your Google account email address and password.

How to register a Google Account in Bravia_step2
How to register a Google Account in Bravia_step3
Step 3

If the login is successful, the account name will be displayed under Account and Login