Wireless Speakers

Wireless Speakers

ULT FIELD 7 Selected Video Text Transcript

This video introduces the Sony ULT FIELD 7 wireless speaker and demonstrates key features.

We start by a main character bringing the portable speaker with its handle on his shoulder to show its portable in a street. He puts the speaker on a table and when he presses the ULT button, the street suddenly turns into a dance floor to show that the speaker changes the whole mood as if you were at the dance floor. The main character and his friends are having fun with the powerful sound.

Then the camera zooms into the speaker, and the speaker exterior looks transparent to show an internal structure of the speaker. It shows an uniquely-shaped, X-Balanced Speaker Unit, designed for powerful and high quality bass sound. Then zoom out, showing a club space is filled with spreading sound the circle of the people having a party. Speaker lights up while synchronizing with music to show how the ambient light works and elevate the party experience.

Back to the real world, in the street, the main character and his friends are enjoying music with dancing and parkour. The product is placed in 3 different locations in morning, noon and evening to show Up to 30hr Battery Life. The product is at a beach and seawater splashed onto the product shows Waterproof and Rustproof. The product is at the beach and sand is onto the speaker to show Dustproof. The screen is divided into 2 different locations, the one shows the product is placed in vertical, the other shows the product is placed in horizontal, showing the product fits for any party. It shows 6 units of the speaker are lined up and each of them are connected and its lighting are synchronizing each other to show how party connect to fill your space with music and light.

We see a guitar or microphone input allow the guests to enjoy a guitar or karaoke.

The video ends with "Massive Bass. Ultimate Vibe" title and a product shot, followed by the Sony animated logo.