man living in makeshift home at the mexican border
Alessandro Grassani

Alessandro Grassani | Italy

"This is my personal aspiration: to leave my own testimony in the constant search of that perfect combination between beauty and truth we call art"

Alessandro Grassani is a storyteller who uses photography as his main form of expression. He began working in the advertising industry, but his job brought him around the world covering international events and stories about social themes in more than 30 countries. He works with The New York Times and L’Espresso. His images have been featured in magazines such as Time, Sunday Times, National Geographic, M le magazine du Monde. Grassani’s clients includes NGOs and organisations such as Doctors of the World and IOM, International Organization for Migration. He has won numerous awards including Sony World Photography Awards, Days Japan International Photojournalism Awards, Luis Valtueña International Humanitarian Photography Award and Premio Luchetta International Award and his work has been exhibited at festivals and galleries worldwide including the United Nations, Museum of Immigration at the Palais de la Porte Dorèe in Paris, Royal Geographic Society in London, and the International Center for Climate Governance.

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