albert dros swirling sea and ice in iceland

Creating a World Filled With Emotion

For the next generation

Driven by our core value of moving people’s hearts and building a better world, Sony is very proud to support those creators who reveal stories to connect with nature and protect our planet through the power of images.


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Beneath the surface, another world: my universe, where everything looks like a fairy tale, and takes your breath away" - Alexis Rosenfeld
We, and most other wildlife and nature photographers, are trying to make everyone truly feel like this planet is our home. If you're at home in your apartment and spill coffee on the floor, you clean it up. If your house is on fire, you try to put out that fire. This planet is our home, and it's quite dirty and on fire." - Fredrik Granath



road to zero logo
Sony´s Road to Zero
Road to Zero is Sony's global environmental plan, striving to achieve a zero environmental footprint by 2040 throughout the life cycle of our products and business activities. Road to Zero sets a series of specific goals based on four environmental perspectives, and six product life-cycle stages.
sorplas granules on a white surface
Leading the development of recycled plastics
At Sony we’ve reduced our use of non-renewable resources by developing SORPLAS™, a recycled plastic that offers both sustainability, and high performance, making it ideal for our new products.
Sony's Original Blended Material
Sony's Original Blended Material
Helping the earth stay beautiful for the future.

Sony Group is involved in a variety of environmental conservation activities, one of them being using paper-based product packaging.
With my Eyes
With my Eyes
Kando - being moved emotionally in Japanese- is a core philosophy of Sony, and we want everyone to be able to experience it. Have a look at how this science combining Alpha & QD Laser technology allows visually impaired people to actually see through the camera.



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