bride and her entourage laughing as they get ready for the ceremony

David Bastianoni

David Bastianoni | Italy

Photography for me is resolving problems, talking about life, communicating with everybody in silence.

Describing himself as a storyteller, David Bastianoni is a luxury wedding photographer based in Florence, Italy. Born into a family of photographers, he learned by experience, working with his uncle and father, how to narrate realism of feelings through images. This strong grounding made David ask himself important questions – questioning the gap between working as a photographer and being a photographer, challenging himself and stretching his abilities. His Tuscan origins influenced his education – rooted in the study of linear perspective of the Renaissance, and his artistic researches have always been based on the great masters as food for thought for his personal experience, which he transforms into a picture able to engrave a fragment of history in the flowing of time. Being able to travel and to shoot different cultures makes him, as he loves to define himself, a privileged observer, an aesthete able to step into the life of his newlyweds for one day and add his signature style to the story of an unknown person. His work has been published in the most influential blogs, and has won the Grand Awards of Wppi for 3 years in a row, officially proclaimed a Master of Wppi.

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