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Gábor Nagy

Gábor Nagy | Hungary

"When I travel, I take photos. So I travel."

Gábor is an adventure and outdoors photographer from Budapest, Hungary and he specialises in exploring regions such as the European Alps and the Arctic. From telling engaging stories with his camera, to capturing epic moments while riding his bike or hiking, Gábor is a sure bet for any adventure photo & film production. The lack of tall mountains in Hungary meant that his love for the alpine landscape must have been formed at an early age. The hikes and climbs got a new meaning when he started to take a camera on these trips. These days he’s most alive in autumn and winter, searching for the small subtle shift of the colours and how the weather and seasons affect the landscape. For the last 7 years he’s worked with big brands and tourism boards all across Europe as a visual storyteller. His minimalistic approach has come from his musical background and attracted a widespread global audience on Instagram and Behance.

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