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Gustav Kiburg

Gustav Kiburg | Netherlands

"Bad weather is colour weather"

Rotterdam-born, Gustav is a passionate wildlife photographer based in the Netherlands. He loves travelling to remote places to fuel the passion for his photography, and is a perfectionist – spending days just waiting for that right moment to take that single perfect shot. He always tries to ‘get it right’ in camera, preferring next to no processing on his images. Gustav has been an avid Sony user since the early days, working with Minolta and the Alpha 700 camera, and his work has been published in photographic magazines all over the world. He loves talking and teaching photography techniques and gear and he often speaks at exhibitions and events. His knowledge of Sony equipment is second to none and he enjoys using both A and E mount models. “Sony’s rapidly increasing new technology like the Sony α9 allows me to never miss that perfect moment anymore.” He says.

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