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Jan Tichy

Jan Tichy | Czech Republic

"Photography gave me the greatest gift – seeing the world with a unique perspective. There is so much beauty and magic around us that is worth capturing. Just keep searching for it and always be ready"

Jan Tichy is a self taught creative photographer based in Prague, Czech Republic. He started as a landscape photographer travelling the world, but during the last few years he has mainly been photographing people – weddings, portrait sessions or on the streets. He likes to be the invisible photographer, the guy that always has a camera hanging over his shoulder that walks around unnoticed trying to capture his models in a natural and genuine way. He also enjoys cityscape/urban/architecture photography and the beauty of Prague inspires him and drives him to capture its unique spirit where the majestic is being mixed with urban brutalism and modern architecture. Jan is obsessed with vintage lenses and is always exploring ways how to take advantage of their unique character in his photography.

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