a single butterfly sitting on a leaf stem
Javier Aznar

Javier Aznar | Spain

"To preserve, we must first know and love what we can lose, and photography is a useful tool to sensitise and show what surrounds us. With my camera I try to show animals in their purest form, from a biological point of view and at the same time, artistic"

Javier is a professional photographer specialising in wildlife. He has a degree in biology and is a member of the International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP), and through his photographs he tries to educate and sensitise the world, showing the beauty of the smallest and generally most hated and unknown beings. His photographs have received numerous international awards, in contests such as the Wildlife Photographer of the Year, as well as in other contests. Javier is represented by the National Geographic Creative agency, and his photographs have been published in different international journals. In addition to taking photographs, Javier conducts workshops and photographic trips in countries such as Ecuador and Spain.

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