wooden buildings on stilts by a frozen lake in the mountains
Michael Schaake

Michael Schaake | Germany

"Being in the moment and seeing the dramatic beauty of nature can be an awe-inspiring and very personal experience. By sharing my images, I hope to take others on this journey with me"

Michael Schaake hails from Bonn in Germany and has been taking pictures since he was six years old with his father’s manual SLR camera. As a teenager he spent countless hours in his black and white equipped darkroom and a few years ago he turned his passion into his profession. Observing the world through his lens shapes his perception of the environment around him. Photography is the medium that allows him to experience his travels and adventures more consciously and intensely, and gives him the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life. He is inspired by the desire to photograph places he wouldn’t otherwise see or travel to and capturing the unique moment when the light meets the landscape at just the right angle can result in a magical and mystical image. He pursues this creative process with boundless joy and infectious enthusiasm.

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