lone cyclist on a mountain road
Philip Platzer

Philip Platzer | Austria

"The best things happen outside of your comfort zone!"

"Philip Platzer was born in Graz, Austria, and from a young age developed a passion for outdoor adventure sports such as mountain biking, surfing and snowboarding. Photography was a natural compliment to his outdoor pursuits, as it allowed him to capture the dynamics and emotion of the incredible moments he was experiencing. Buying his first proper SLR camera in 2008 got him hooked and he honed his skills assisting for various fashion, advertising and sports photographers. When he turned pro in 2010, he found the excitement and opportunity in motorsports photography compelling and it is still a big part of his work today. His respect for the art form has deepened and he is constantly pushing his limits, looking to capture truly unique shots and fuelling his passion for this incredible work."

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