woman in cloak between heavy snowy trees at night

Sandra Hallnor

Sandra Hallnor | Sweden

"Keep your passion playful, fresh and fun."

Sandra Hallnor is a Swedish photographer based near the Arctic Circle in the north of Sweden — a place where the Midnight Sun is shining and the Northern Lights are dancing. She is best known for her fairytale portraits and self-portraits. For Sandra, photography is not just a profession, but a passion that requires play, challenge, and adventure to keep the spark alive; that is how she found fairytale photography. When she steps into nature with camera in hand, it is with a sense of excitement and anticipation. Ready to capture the moments and breathe life into imaginary narratives with Photoshop. Her images flirt with her Nordic heritage, myths, and legends and take place where frosty mountains meet ancient woodlands. Sandra does not only share her passion through her images; she has been recognised with over 20 awards for her work and has helped over 2500 photographers to add more magic to their pictures through courses, lectures, and workshops. Because she believes that the real magic starts to reveal itself when you add more of yourself - your unique interests, heart, and desires - into your images.

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