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The Driftwood Artist | Testing the new FE PZ 16-35mm f/4 G

Alice Greenfield

Sony FE PZ 16-35mm F4 G lens

My name is Alice Greenfield and I’m a filmmaker and photographer based on the Isle of Wight. I took an interest in photography at a very early age and have been captivated by static and moving images ever since. I've always had a fascination with the big screen and its ability to create emotion and transport its viewers to new places. I starting working in production as a focus puller and camera trainee, and made it a top priority to get as close to the camera as possible - whatever the cost. As the world of online video grew, so did a growing interest in short-form video content and since becoming a freelancer, I have worked with brands all over the world. I love capturing people immersing themselves in beautiful landscapes. My film work is female-focused, capturing stories of creative women doing exceptional things.

My first impression of the FE PZ 16-35mm f/4 G was wow - how light is this lens?! For a 16-35mm it’s compact, small and lightweight which is perfect for the kind of work I do. I’m often out in nature carrying equipment and hate to get back pain from an over-packed bag. When you consider what this lens offers, I'm amazed at the size and weight. The build quality feels very solid and ergonomically, it sits really nicely in the hand. It’s also weather sealed so great for outdoor use.

alice greenfield holds her sony alpha 7m4 mounted on a rig

I use manual focus a lot in my filmmaking and I particularly liked the smooth and responsive focus ring. Power zoom is not a feature I have previously used, but I was extremely impressed. It’s whisper quiet and in a good position on the lens. A nice feature is that you can assign the zoom control to various buttons on the Alpha 7 IV which made zooming a breeze. I even used it to create a push/pull effect when shooting and it looked stunning. I often add a slow zoom in or out in post-production so having that effect in camera is great. It’s like having a slider or dolly in your camera bag without all the fuss and extra bits.

alice greenfield crouching down with her sony alpha 7m4

As I mentioned previously, I usually use manual focus in my work, but I found the autofocus blisteringly fast and accurate. It was a revelation to set the camera up and let the AF do its thing. Another useful feature is that the lens holds focus throughout the zoom range, so I was able to use the zoom ring to 'punch-in' on a character and not have to worry about losing focus.

This lens is great for run and gun photography and location filmmaking. There’s a lot packed into such a small and lightweight lens and I can see myself using it for vlogging, landscape photography and even in my underwater housing. The 16-35mm range is a dream as it gives a lot of options when shooting and the quality of light isn't compromised when changing focal length.

I can see myself using the PZ 16-35mm for a lot of the work I do, both for filmmaking and photography.  The versatility and weight of the lens means that I can always keep it in my bag and not have to worry about any extra weight! Paired with the Alpha 7 IV, it's a dream combination.

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Alice Greenfield

Alice Greenfield | UK

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