alex farinelli holding up his alpha camera and telephoto lens

Turning Passion into Photography

Alex Farinelli

Sony European Imaging Ambassador, Alex Farinelli, has always been passionate about photography and motorcycling. Fascinated by the possibility of telling a story through an image, in love with the unique feeling of freedom and adrenaline a motorcycle can transmit and when he first realised he could marry his two passions, he knew he could never live without either. Shooting motorcycle racing is not just the freezing of a bike turning left or right, it is blending a series of elements that give Alex the chance to describe his world from a personal perspective. Transforming his ideas into images is his way of expressing what he feels every time he hears the roar of one of his 'beasts'.

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Alex Farinelli

Alex Farinelli | Italy

"If you dream it, you can do it… you must do it!"

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