Welcome to your new BRAVIA, let’s explore

There’s so much to enjoy with your new television. Stream thrilling movies and shows from online services, fine tune pictures and sound so everything is just how you like it, even access entertainment by voice. Read on to make the most of all BRAVIA has to offer.

See what your new TV can do 

Getting started

Get off to a flying start with Google TV 

There’s no better way to get going than by setting up your new BRAVIA as a Google TV. That way, you’ll be able to take advantage of a host of extra features and discover a world of exciting new possibilities. 

Screenshot of Google Home app set up on BRAVIA TV with Google Home logo and QR code to right
Setting up for the first time

If you haven’t yet set up your new BRAVIA TV, start by downloading the Google Home app to your mobile phone. Create and register an account, then set up using the app.

Screenshot of Google TV overview page on BRAVIA TV with Set up Google TV tab highlighted in a red box
Setting up as Google TV

Already set up your new BRAVIA as a basic TV? That’s OK, it’s easy to set it up as a Google TV so you can enjoy worlds of entertainment. Just select "Set up Google TV" from the Home screen. 

Exploring Google TV

Enjoy a smarter TV experience that's built right into your new BRAVIA. With Google TV, everything you love is all on one screen, making browsing a breeze. Find favourite shows, videos, apps and much more using the search bar. So quick. So easy.

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Unlock the possibilities of Google TV
Build your watchlist

You can create a watchlist for the content that you wish to watch on your Google TV. Keep adding shows, movies or Youtube videos that you would like to watch later, and won't have to search for them again. Instantly update your list from anywhere. Add movies and shows from your TV, mobile app or Google Search by clicking the watchlist icon next to it. They will all appear on your Google TV's watchlist ready to watch when you are.

Controlling your TV with your voice

Your new BRAVIA includes a remote with a built-in microphone and Google Assistant so you can control what you want to watch with just your voice. 

Image of remote control with Google Assistant button highlighted in a red box
Talk to your remote

Press the Google Assistant button on the remote control. As long as you’re connected to the Internet and set up for Google TV, you can now do all your searching by talking. 

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Say "OK Google" to control your TV

It really is that easy. When you say “OK Google” and ask a question or say a command such as “OK Google, open Netflix”, your BRAVIA TV will respond. Watch this video and see how.

Over 10,000 apps waiting to be discovered

BRAVIA comes with essential apps, like Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime already pre-installed. Others you may want to add but don’t worry, it’s easy to do. 

Organise your apps your way

Whether it’s movies and shows, live TV or sports, fitness or music, there’s apps for everyone on Google TV. Once you’ve downloaded the apps you want, it’s easy to move them around so you have all your favourite apps on your home screen for quick access.

Settings and features

Create your ideal picture

BRAVIA comes ready to go right out of the box. But for a truly personal experience that reflects the entertainment you like to watch, spend a few moments adjusting settings so everything is picture perfect.

Get the best pictures for the entertainment you love

You can easily fine-tune picture settings to bring the best out of your favourite entertainment – for example, by selecting Cinema mode if you watch a lot of films or adjusting motion settings if you enjoy fast-moving sports. 

More detailed picture settings

You can fine tune other picture settings including colour, contrast, brightness, saturation and black level from the picture settings dashboard which can be accessed from the Quick Settings menu. Simply scroll down and use the slider controls to adjust settings. Find out more in our FAQs.

Make everything you love sound sensational

Whatever you love to watch and listen to, feel even more immersed by personalising your acoustics with sound modes, settings and features.

Stream the biggest blockbusters on BRAVIA CORE

There’s a large selection of movies waiting for you on BRAVIA CORE. Our unique streaming app, created exclusively for BRAVIA XR in collaboration with Sony Pictures, offers a truly immersive cinema experience.

Screenshot of BRAVIA CORE registration page with description of service and tabs for Sign in with Google and Enter your email address highlighted below in a red box
Getting started with the BRAVIA CORE app

You can create and use an account on the BRAVIA CORE app displayed on your home screen – just select Create Account or Log In to continue. 

Screenshot of BRAVIA CORE home page with MOVIES TO REDEEM highlighted in a red box on left and images of the films A Man Called Otto and Bullet Train to right
How to find movies to redeem

From the BRAVIA CORE home page, select the Movies to Redeem section of the menu on the left side of the screen to find films. You can then see all your redeemed movies in My Library.

Screenshot of BRAVIA CORE home page with SETTINGS highlighted in a red box on left and images of the films A Man Called Otto and Bullet Train to right
Everything sounds better in Dolby Atmos

There are plenty of movies on BRAVIA CORE that can be enjoyed in Dolby Atmos, a spatial sound experience that draws you in deeper so you hear and feel more. Go to the BRAVIA CORE home page, select Settings then Audio Quality and choose default. Now your content plays in the best possible quality.

Screenshot of Studio Access page on BRAVIA CORE with Mission Accomplished: Making of Bullet Train highlighted with description, image of actor and video outlined in a white square
Go behind the scenes with Studio Access

Only BRAVIA CORE gives you access to some of today’s top studio productions and filmmakers with exclusive behind-the-scenes content. From the BRAVIA CORE home page, select the Studio Access section.

How to adjust BRAVIA game settings

Your new BRAVIA puts you right at the heart of the action with an exclusive gaming dashboard featuring the game menu, game mode and settings that can be accessed quickly while playing. Become the gamer you always knew you could be.  

Image of remote control with spanner button highlighted in a red box on left and Quick Settings menu in the background with Game Mode highlighted in a red box
Step 1: Accessing Game Mode

With Game Mode, you’re straight into the action. Press the button with the spanner icon on your remote to go to the Quick Settings menu, then select Picture Mode and Game.

Image of remote control with menu button highlighted in a red box
Step 2: Viewing the Game Menu

Once the TV is in Game Mode, press Menu on your remote to bring up the Game Menu with an array of essential settings. 

Step 3: Adjusting settings on the Game Menu

Now you can toggle through the gaming features on the TV screen with the help of the arrow keys on the remote to get your settings just right. Set the screen size and position, reduce motion blur on fast-moving games, activate black equalizer to spot enemies in dark areas and add a crosshair for easier aiming.  

Screen images simulated. 4K: 3,840 x 2,160 pixels.

Perfect for PlayStation®5 features

Only BRAVIA XR TVs automatically adjust and optimise the picture to the best settings for your PlayStation®5, whether you're gaming or watching a movie.

Understanding the Eco Dashboard

Our commitment to the environment is absolute, which is why we’ve introduced the new Eco Dashboard app on BRAVIA XR TVs. This handy feature keeps all eco-related settings in one place, helping you save power and protect the environment without compromising quality.  

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A quick overview

Take a tour through the Eco Dashboard and learn how to improve your TV's energy efficiency.

How to save energy with Eco Dashboard 

Think of the Eco Dashboard as a way of helping you reduce your energy consumption. All eco-related settings are in one place, making it easy to change them individually or in one go.

Connecting your TV

Redefining reality with a soundbar

Connecting your BRAVIA TV to a compatible soundbar opens up a whole new realm of realism with the screen becoming the centre speaker. Sound follows action precisely – imagine hearing the roar of a fighter jet as it travels from one side of the screen to the other. 

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How to set up Acoustic Center Sync

Watch this video to see how to connect your soundbar and activate Acoustic Center Sync, a clever feature that precisely matches what you hear with what you see for truly immersive viewing.

Smart features, straight from your phone

There are many smart things you can do on your new BRAVIA like linking smartphone favourites with your TV.

Smartphone connectivity

Easily cast movies, shows, photos, music and more from your phone straight to your TV and enjoy your favourites on the big screen. 

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Sharing content using Apple AirPlay

Stream effortlessly to your TV from your iPhone, iPad or Mac. Simply connect your BRAVIA and smart device to the same Wi-Fi network and touch the AirPlay icon that appears on the screen.

Image of a smartphone in foreground and wall-mounted TV in background with both screens showing canoeist in water
Screen mirroring using Chromecast built-in

If you have an Android phone, you can easily send content to your new TV. All you have to do is connect your device and BRAVIA over Wi-Fi then press the cast icon on your phone.

Introducing BRAVIA CAM

BRAVIA CAM is an accessory (supplied with selected models) that recognises where you’re sitting and optimises settings accordingly. You'll get the best pictures and sound, wherever you’re sitting, whatever you’re watching.  

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See what BRAVIA CAM can do

Watch this video for a quick overview and see just how much of a difference BRAVIA CAM can make.

Screenshot of Remote and accessories page with BRAVIA CAM highlighted in a white tab and BRAVIA CAM setting options to the right
How to set up BRAVIA CAM

As soon as you connect BRAVIA CAM to your TV, the setup wizard will appear. You can also access BRAVIA CAM from the Settings menu and just select "Remote & accessories" to find it.

Man and woman in centre of screen waving at the camera while on a video call with small inset bottom left of the woman receiving the call
Video chat from the comfort of your sofa

Enjoy video calls from the comfort of your sofa without having to hold a phone or tablet. With its wide viewing angle, BRAVIA CAM can fit the whole family in the picture. Video Chat with BRAVIA CAM is available on Google Meet and Zoom. Download the Zoom or Google Meet app from the Google Play store, then open it to set up a call. The app will automatically recognise BRAVIA CAM.

Screenshot of Auto adjust Picture & Sound with BRAVIA CAM page with rainbow over hills on the left and setting options to the right
Settings optimised with Ambient Optimization Pro 

BRAVIA CAM with Ambient Optimization Pro automatically optimises picture and sound based on where you are in the room. It’s easy to set up. Go to the TV Accessories menu, select BRAVIA CAM then Auto adjust Picture and Sound and you’re done.

Commonly asked questions

Support and news

Get the latest firmware update information, news, and alerts.

BRAVIA CORE Terms & Conditions

(1) The BRAVIA CORE access program (the “Program”) is available in Europe*1 on Sony’s Smart TVs which are part of the Program (“Eligible TVs”)*2. (2) The purchase price of an Eligible TV includes a temporary access to the BRAVIA Core service, subject to the terms and conditions below: i) limited movie credits 15 movie credits for A84L and A83L, 10 movie credits for A95L, A80L, X95L, X90L, Z9K, A95K, A90K, A84K, A83K, X94K, X93K, X92K, Z9J and A90J or 5 movie credits for the rest of the Eligible TVs to use against a selection of at least 300 movies (one movie credit is sufficient to redeem one movie). The movie credits will expire 12 months from being added to your BRAVIA CORE account upon registration, but you may watch the movies you have redeemed via BRAVIA CORE until February 23, 2028, subject to BRAVIA CORE Terms of Service; and ii) temporary access to Subscription Video-on-Demand contents 24 months of BRAVIA CORE Subscription Video-on-Demand for A84L, A83L, A95L, A80L, X95L, X90L, Z9K, A95K, A90K, A84K, A83K, X94K, X93K, X92K, Z9J and A90J or 12 months for the rest of the Eligible TVs. Subscription period will begin from the time of registration of your BRAVIA CORE account. At the end of the temporary subscription period acquired with your Eligible TV, your access to the Subscription Video-On-Demand content will cease. Any renewal will be subject to agreement with the provider of the BRAVIA CORE service, subject to the applicable Terms and Conditions for that service. (3) To benefit from the Program, you have to register an account for BRAVIA CORE on your Eligible TV by February 23, 2026. If you have not registered by this date, your access to the BRAVIA CORE service under the Program will expire at that time. Once you have registered you will receive an account confirmation email and the BRAVIA CORE movie credits and Subscription Video-on-Demand detailed above will automatically be added to your account. The BRAVIA CORE's Terms of Use, Terms of Service and Privacy Policy govern the use of BRAVIA CORE. To register a BRAVIA CORE account, you must be 18 years of age or older, and accept the BRAVIA CORE's Terms of Use, Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Redemption of this Program requires the version of the BRAVIA CORE app to be up to date on your Eligible TV. The latest version of the BRAVIA CORE app is available on Google Play Store. (4) It is not possible to purchase additional credits as part of this Program at this time. Available movie titles are subject to change without notice. All titles are offered in the highest available format including Standard Definition, High Definition, 4K, 4K HDR, or 4K IMAX ® Enhanced, availability varies by market and title. IMAX® Enhanced content enables the full IMAX ® Enhanced experience - IMAX® Enhanced titles are available on the IMAX® Enhanced certified TVs only. (5) You may stream on up to 4 Eligible TVs per BRAVIA CORE account at a time. BRAVIA CORE is not available, or may not be supported, in every country and language. Sony reserves the right to make changes to, suspend access to, and/or terminate the BRAVIA CORE platform at any time. BRAVIA CORE features Pure Stream™ which offers streaming between 30Mbps - 80Mbps. To access Pure Stream™ at 30Mbps, you must have a minimum internet speed of 43Mbps. To access highest quality Pure Stream™ available at 80Mbps you must have a minimum internet speed of 115Mbps. To enjoy 80 Mbps with Pure Stream™ functionality, you need to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) that supports IEEE 802.11 n/ac/ax*3. BRAVIA CORE is not responsible for network restrictions or available bandwidth. Network service provider restrictions and terms may apply. (6) Sony does not provide refunds or credits for any partial periods or unused credit and/or unwatched BRAVIA CORE content. Your access to the BRAVIA CORE service under the Program is non-transferable and non-refundable. Movie credits have no cash or refund value and are not for sale or resale. (7) Sony Europe B.V. (8) "SONY", "BRAVIA" and “BRAVIA CORE” are trademark or registered trademark of Sony Group Corporation or its affiliates. Google TV and related logos are trademarks of Google LLC. Google Play Store is a trademark of Google LLC. IMAX ® is a registered trademark of IMAX Corporation. Other product and company names mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners. Icons and images are simulated and are for illustrative purposes only. Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved. All terms are subject to change without prior notice.