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The entire picture has a red, green, or blue tint.

    Press the HOME button on the remote to display the BRAVIA TV menu screen.

    If the menu screen has the same problem  
    Your TV may have a malfunction.

    Refer to Odd colors on the screen in the following webpage:
    What to do when there are lines in the screen, the screen is blurred, double images occur, or odd colors occur.

    If the menu screen does not have the same problem, it is not a malfunction. You can change the picture settings to suit your tastes. See the descriptions below.

    Adjusting the color tone of the picture to suit your tastes
    You can adjust the following settings to change the color tone of the picture.
    Because the effect of the settings varies depending how the TV is set up, choose settings that fit your circumstances and preferences.
    NOTE: The following procedures and item names are examples. Some models may not have the functions shown below, or the function names or operation procedures may vary depending on the model.
    For details, refer to the manual or i-Manual for your product.

    1. Select Picture & Display using the Up/Down buttons, then press the Enter button.
    2. Select Picture Adjustments using the Up/Down buttons, then press the Enter button.
    3. Select the item to be adjusted, then press the Enter button.
      • Reset: Resets all the Picture Adjustments settings to the factory settings excluding Setting Memory, Picture Mode and Advanced Settings.
      • Backlight: Adjusts the brightness of the backlight. Reducing the brightness of the screen will reduce the power consumption.
      • Picture: Adjusts picture contrast.
      • Brightness: Adjusts the brightness of the picture.
      • Color: Adjusts color intensity.
      • Hue: Adjusts green and red tones. (Hue is available depending on color system.)
      • Color Temperature: Adjusts the whiteness of the picture.
        • Cool: Gives white colors a bluish tint.
        • Neutral: Gives white colors a neutral tint.
        • Warm 1/Warm 2: Gives white colors a reddish tint. Warm 2 gives a redder tint than Warm 1.
          NOTE: You can adjust the color temperature in detail from White Balance in Advanced settings.

    NOTE: Picture settings need to be adjusted for each input source. To share picture settings between two or more input sources, set Target inputs to Common, adjust the picture settings, then set Target inputs of other input sources to Common.