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The Ambient Sound Control mode changes unexpectedly.

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Check Applicable Products and Categories for details.

    When the Ambient Sound Control mode changes unexpectedly, check the following:

    The touch sensor is tapped inadvertently (only headphones with touch sensors)

    The issue may have been caused because the touch sensor was tapped inadvertently.
    If this happens frequently, you can disable the touch sensor by changing the function of the touch sensor to None Assigned using the Headphones Connect app.

    The image below shows the Headphones Connect app screen, using the WF-1000XM3 as an example.
    Image that "None Assigned" is selected

    Adaptive Sound Control is set to On

    When the Adaptive Sound Control is set to On, the Headphones Connect app detects your action and adjusts the setting of the Noise Canceling or Ambient Sound Control. The informative sound tells you the moment when the setting changes.
    To keep this from happening, follow these steps using the Headphones Connect app.

    1. Turn Off the Adaptive Sound Control.
      Image turning off the Adaptive Sound Control
    2. Adjust the Noise Canceling or Ambient Sound Control manually:
      1. Turn on the Ambient Sound Control.
      2. Move the slide bar to select the Noise Canceling or change the Ambient Sound Control level.
        NOTE: If your headset is the WF-1000X model, select Noise Canceling or desired mode of the Ambient Sound Control on the app.

        This image is displayed when the Noise Canceling is selected:
        Image that Noise Canceling is selected

        This image is displayed when the Ambient Sound (level 9) is selected:
        Image that Ambient Sound Control (level 9) is selected