african leopard sits in the sun with her two cubs cuddling her
Chris Schmid

Chris Schmid | Switzerland

"Imagery is powerful. A single shot can capture an emotion or trigger a feeling within"

Chris Schmid is a Swiss photographer, filmmaker and cinematographer specialising in natural history in remote locations, mainly on big cats. Sony Ambassador, National Geographic Explorer and represented by National Geographic Image Collection, he has dedicated his life to documenting the natural beauty of our planet. His aim is always the same: to approach nature right at its heart in order to raise awareness around the fragility of our earth and inspire action to preserve it.

Experienced as a self-shooting DP, Chris has remarkable knowledge for long lens work, beautiful composition, high speed and anticipation of animal behaviour. The quality of his work is reflected in the widespread recognition he has received over the years. But these prizes have never been his motivation. His tireless efforts to document and protect the few remaining areas of wilderness are fuelled by a love for the natural world and a desire to protect what’s left.

Chris is deeply committed to wildlife conservation and works closely with WildAid, an environmental organisation based in San Francisco with the aim of reducing demand for illegal wildlife products. In 2019, Chris launched Stay·Wild™, an online jewellery shop, where 50% of the profits generated are donated to non-profit organisations to support wildlife conservation projects.

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