african leopard sits in the sun with her two cubs cuddling her

Chris Schmid

Chris Schmid | Switzerland

"Imagery is powerful. A single shot can capture an emotion or trigger a feeling within"

Chris Schmid is a noted freelance photographer, producer-director and cinematographer specialising in natural history with over 10 years of experience. Sony Ambassador and National Geographic Explorer, Chris creates visually stunning and compelling work with a unique combination of cinematic aesthetic and documentary style in some of the most challenging environments on earth, especially on big cats. His aim is always the same: to approach nature right at its heart in order to raise awareness around the fragility of our planet and inspire action to preserve it.

Experienced as a self-shooting DP and in a wide range of still and film projects from their conception to completion, Chris has remarkable knowledge for long lens work, beautiful composition, high speed and anticipation of animal behaviour.

Chris is deeply committed to wildlife conservation and works closely with WildAid, an environmental organisation based in San Francisco with the aim of reducing demand for illegal wildlife products. In 2019, Chris launched Stay·Wild™, an exclusive selection of natural and 100% handmade products inspired by Nature, where 50% of the profits generated are donated to non-profit organisations to support wildlife conservation projects.

By combining his skills and love of natural history he plans to highlight issues around conservation and the protection of wildlife through engaging and educational content.

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