teja lisjak silhouetted against the london eye

Widen Your Vision

with the Sony FE 16-25mm f/2.8 G

My name is Teja, and I’m a London-based photographer and filmmaker, creating engaging and dynamic videos for brands and social media. A little over three years ago, I moved to London to pursue my career in filmmaking, and although I’ve travelled quite a bit during this time, having the opportunity to put Sony’s brand-new FE 16-25mm f/2.8 G to the test around the city has been super exciting! It made me not only revisit some of my favourite places, but also discover new spots I’ve never been to before. In fact, it made me appreciate London more!

As someone who loves lens compression and capturing details, this project has been quite different from anything I’ve done before. In filmmaking, we'd normally use wide lenses for establishing shots and to showcase the location, so using only one lens to shoot this whole project made me slow down and think more about my angles. I also really loved not having to think about switching lenses, and it pushed me to capture shots I normally wouldn’t and be more present. For this project, I wanted to showcase the different sides of London. I started with the calm mornings, then moved to the busy daytime scenes. After that, I highlighted the relaxed evenings before ending with the lively atmosphere of the city - all of this representing a usual daily routine.

I recently had an amazing opportunity to create a video using the just-released FE 24-50mm f/2.8 G lens, and this FE 16-25mm f/2.8 G has been an incredible addition to my kit. I love having a lightweight setup, and the compactness and weight of this lens make the creative process truly enjoyable. Especially for this project, considering there's been a lot of walking involved (on one day, both myself and Gareth, the videographer, covered 20 thousand steps!)

teja lisjak in the street with her sony camera

Unlike any other project, I used a gimbal for 80% of the video. As mentioned earlier, I typically preferred a lightweight setup and used to avoid gimbals because their weight interfered with my creative process. However, during this shoot, I rediscovered my love for using a gimbal, and walking around for hours capturing shots became effortless.

For quite some time now, I’ve been eyeing Sony’s FX3 cinema line camera, and this time I finally had the opportunity to pair it with the new lens. This has been such an incredible combination since both have amazing autofocus, in-body image stabilisation, and sharp quality! I love that yet again, Sony brought out another amazing lens for us creators to use in a variety of scenarios, while also having the opportunity to pack our bags light!

London is a hectic city with a lot happening, so we’re always surrounded by movement. From the iconic red buses and busy trains to the crowded pedestrian walks and cyclists, there's always something in motion around us. The 16-25mm enabled me to capture it all - the autofocus of this lens is super quick and accurate, and I’m really excited to be using it for my upcoming travels, especially for vlogging.

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